Sunday, January 22, 2012


Shark starring Sebastian Stark, who is a criminal defense attorney los angeles   after living a great disappointment to a case where the woman dies, the
attorney decides to accept an offer from the Mayor of Los Angeles to lock in the prosecutor's office, to change the side of justice (prosecutor's office), he has not altered
their way of being with respect to the cases.
The first episode begins with Stark helping Gordie Brock, which is accused of trying to kill his wife, the lawyer used a speech to convince the judge which is
Gordie Brock favorable, to happen if you go to Jessica Devlin (his future boss, which the lawyer does not know about it), then a few days Gordie Brock kills his
woman and her lawyer (Stark) hears the case. Because this case accepts the offer from the mayor of Los Angeles to begin work on a group of prosecutors, working
to head the new unit of high profile crimes. Now Stark must strive to beat other attorney defense federal.
James Woods: Sebastian Stark

Jeri Ryan: Jessica Devlin

Samuel Page: Casey Woodland

Sophina Brown: Raina Troy

Alexis Cruz: Martin Allende

Sarah Carter: Madeleine Poe

Danielle Panabaker: Julie Stark

Henry Simmons: Isaac Wright

Matt Lanter: Eddie Linden

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